Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tribute to an Incredible Horsewoman

We lost a special horsewoman to cancer today.  Kim H. was not a glamorous or famous woman.  She did not win the Medal Finals or go to the Olympics.  In the years I knew her, I never saw her ride.  She was just a hard working barn manager at the local hunter jumper barn where I take lessons.  A woman who knew every horse in that barn like it was her own child, could tell you which horse was "not quite right", which one needed bute, bandaging, soaking, worming.  She nursed them tirelessly and well.

She was a strong woman, with a strong personality, and wasn't shy about giving her opinion of a horse or a person.  A wicked sense of humor that some people didn't 'get', but I loved, and I count myself as blessed to have been a person that she seemed to like, because when it came to her horses, her standards were high.  A lot of really good riders didn't make the cut with her.

She was a loyal friend, a good caretaker of her animals, and a force to be rekoned with if you didn't treat your horse right. 

Godspeed Kim.  You will be sorely missed by those you leave behind, but I know there are a lot of very happy horses that have gone on before us running to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge.