Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Horse 2, Fence 0

I am beginning to wonder if Inky just has a deep rooted hatred of fences.  I've never had a broken board until he arrived on the scene.  But I have to say that Sunday morning he really earned his honor badge in fence destruction.  At least he has enough sense to stay off the perimiter fencing.

His $89 turnout sheet has also gained my admiration for its fortitude.  Not even a snag.  I have no hesitation at all in recommending the Tack of the Day 1200D turnout!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Good Lesson is Priceless!

I both love and dread Thursdays.   Thursday is lesson day at my trainer's barn.  At 7:30 A.M.  I love my trainer, I love my lessons.  But I am NOT a morning person, and dread getting up at 0 dark hundred (6 AM), throwing feed at Rico and Inky, and then schlepping up to the barn.  A more motivated person would be up at 5 AM and putting their own horse on the trailer for the lesson, but I am *just*not*worthy* of the title 'motivated rider'.  Especially in winter.

I was late arriving because of a flat tire, rushed tacking up the delightful Ladybug, who was full of enough piss and vinegar to show me teeth and a back hoof that required a sharp reprimand.   We even had a little squealing contest with the pony in the ring at the in gate.  The kind of start that would give anyone a slightly dim outlook on what was next.  Add to that the fact that I hadn't ridden the week before due to flu, and I was sure today's lesson would be a struggle both physically and mentally.

Au contraire!  As soon as pony menace was out of the ring and miss Ladybug and I were at the mounting block, it was like she suddenly decided there was no where else she wanted to be but in that lesson.  For the very first time ever, she stood like a rock at the mounting block.  She even waited like a perfect lady for me to get my feet in the stirrups.  And it only got better from there.  For some reason, I actually felt strong and balanced.  I was actually able to control my leg and upper body.  This mare, who is generally difficult to keep on the rail moved straight and forward today. I was even able to get her into the corners at the canter!  Did she somehow understand that I needed at least *one* thng to go right today?  I think she did.  It was the kind of lesson that reminds me why I get up at 6 AM, and do a commute I hate to a job I only tolerate so that I can afford my horses.  And why I think these animals are the most loving, generous, and beautiful creatures on earth. 

Because a good ride on an otherwise crappy day, is pricesless!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter blues and decisions for spring

The winter blah's have taken hold.  Its not the cold, but the lack of sunshine, I think, because we've actually had a wonderfully mild winter.  But my wonderful routine of riding in the morning before work has been destroyed by the incessant voice in my head that  insists that cold weather and 7AM sunrises make riding no fun.  So following the path of least resistance, I give in to the 'rack monster' and stay in bed until its too late to cram both morning chores and a ride into the time allowed before I have to leave for work.
But spring is around the corner, testified by my friend Leann's daily facebook count down to spring posts!  And Inky will be going to our trainer for March, leaving Rico without an equine companion.  I do have options.  He can stay home alone for a month, which is a sad situation for my Mr. Herdbound Socialite, I can take in a short term companion who will hopefully enjoy being spoiled rotten for a month instead of traumatized because its in a strange new environment, or I can send Rico somewhere with an indoor for riding or training for a month.  I did call a local trainer.  It would be nice to have someone re-install his work ethic and trot rhythm again.

The problem is, I am NOT good boarder material.  In fact, I'll truthfully admit that I'm a control freak.  After 15 years of the daily responsibilities for my horses, knowing all their little idiosyncrasies, and doing things 'my way', I am just not able to relax and enjoy letting someone else do it.  Its not that I don't trust others, or even that I think that my way is the 'only way'.  I just think my poor little delicate flower will have a total meltdown and just wither away because his human caretaker isn't around to interpret, explain, and cater to his every little whim and idiosyncrasy.  My brain knows that the change would probably make him a better, or at least more adaptable horse.  My 'maternal instinct' insists that only I know what he needs.

I guess its just simply that I need something to mother, now that my daughter is all grown up and doesn't need me.  Life would be so much easier if I did not have the maternal instincts of a tiger.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creating Witherun Farm

So yes, I am officially out of control.  After consultation with my virtual friends, I decided to finally officially name the farm.  Then of course I had to have a sign.  Now the blog.

But really, the farm is the fulfillment of childhood dreams, thoroughbreds, white fencing, and all.

Of course, the plan is to paint the fencing black. And my thoroughbreds' racing days are over.  In fact, Rico actually prefers that his working days are over as well, but we're negotiating.