Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Good Lesson is Priceless!

I both love and dread Thursdays.   Thursday is lesson day at my trainer's barn.  At 7:30 A.M.  I love my trainer, I love my lessons.  But I am NOT a morning person, and dread getting up at 0 dark hundred (6 AM), throwing feed at Rico and Inky, and then schlepping up to the barn.  A more motivated person would be up at 5 AM and putting their own horse on the trailer for the lesson, but I am *just*not*worthy* of the title 'motivated rider'.  Especially in winter.

I was late arriving because of a flat tire, rushed tacking up the delightful Ladybug, who was full of enough piss and vinegar to show me teeth and a back hoof that required a sharp reprimand.   We even had a little squealing contest with the pony in the ring at the in gate.  The kind of start that would give anyone a slightly dim outlook on what was next.  Add to that the fact that I hadn't ridden the week before due to flu, and I was sure today's lesson would be a struggle both physically and mentally.

Au contraire!  As soon as pony menace was out of the ring and miss Ladybug and I were at the mounting block, it was like she suddenly decided there was no where else she wanted to be but in that lesson.  For the very first time ever, she stood like a rock at the mounting block.  She even waited like a perfect lady for me to get my feet in the stirrups.  And it only got better from there.  For some reason, I actually felt strong and balanced.  I was actually able to control my leg and upper body.  This mare, who is generally difficult to keep on the rail moved straight and forward today. I was even able to get her into the corners at the canter!  Did she somehow understand that I needed at least *one* thng to go right today?  I think she did.  It was the kind of lesson that reminds me why I get up at 6 AM, and do a commute I hate to a job I only tolerate so that I can afford my horses.  And why I think these animals are the most loving, generous, and beautiful creatures on earth. 

Because a good ride on an otherwise crappy day, is pricesless!


Lauren said...

Those are gooooooood days. I'm sitting in traffic on the way to the barn right now and hope my gelding picks up on the same vibes your Ladybug did this morning!

Thanks for your note on coth about my blog, appreciate it!

Jenn said...

Forgive this very late comment, but I just found your blog and have been reading old posts :)

It's pretty amazing how sometimes they just know, isn't it? After I lost my Papa this past spring, my lease horse was seriously the best he's ever been in the two lessons after I got back to riding. He knew I was still fragile and took care of me, and for that I will love him forever! Well, I would anyway, but that cemented it :)

I'm very much enjoying your blog!