Monday, October 15, 2012

Nostalgia on Life as a Barn Rat

My daughter is riding for our trainer's adult equestrian team.  For some bizarre reason (maybe just token politeness, LOL) I've been asked to join several times, but can't change my schedule to make it to practices, so I'm not able to participate.  Their first meet was yesterday.  I did my booster duty, enjoyed being a spectator and cheering for the team.  It was a beautiful day, and I think everyone had a great time.

And inside I was was so envious of the riders it hurt.  I miss the camaraderie and the friendships of riding with a group.  With my schedule, I can only fit in a private lesson early in the morning.    I miss those group lessons with other adults.  I miss the different feedback you get from both students and instructors in a group lesson.  I miss being the barn staple that was always there to help the beginners find their way around and tack up their horses. 

For some, riding is a end in of itself.  For me, it was a chance to bond with other horse lovers.  To nurture the beginners, and celebrate with my barn mates when someone had a good show or a great ride.  To mourn when a much loved friend went over the bridge.   To pitch in for a barn cleanup, and lend a helping hand when needed.

I keep my horses at home, and love it.  But sometimes, I just really miss being a barn rat in a barn full of other barn rats. 


L.Williams said...

It's fine and dandy until you get the Chatty Cathy in the group who causes drama that makes no one enjoy their time at the barn (speaking from experience) the good comes with the bad.

Anne said...

Very true, but the drama llamas usually give me a wide berth, as they know I'll either quickly become distracted with any shiny object in the vicinity, (adult ADD has its advantages) or I've already deliberately managed to get on their bad side, so they avoid me and I get to opt out.