Monday, March 5, 2012

Am I Torturing My Horse?

Inky left for equine boot camp on Saturday.  The plan is to let our trainers have a go at him for a month, two if necessary.   We discussed various alternatives for Rico, but in the end, our only option was to leave him at home alone.  We were hoping our trainer would send us one of her inactive horses, but that did not happen.  I've been unable to find a suitable temporary boarding situation for him.  I can call around and 'borrow' a horse to keep him company, but this would probably just result in a rough transition for both Rico and the borrowed horse, who would possibly have to be returned almost as soon as it settles into a new environment and routine. 

Most of my readers are horse people, so you know that 'alone' is not a happy thing for a horse.  I tell myself its only a month, and so far, he seems to be doing OK, although he is displaying signs of loneliness.  At least he's in a familiar place where he feels safe and knows the routine.  We'll know in a few weeks if Inky needs to stay longer, and if so, I'll start calling around to see if I can borrow a companion for him for the next 6 weeks.  But I feel horribly guilty.   Should I try harder to either find him a temporary boarding spot where he'll have equine companions, or borrow a horse now? 

Please weigh in, gentle readers.   Am I torturing him needlessly? 

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