Friday, March 2, 2012

Chardon - I Didn't Want to Think About it, But I Must

I posted this on a thread on COTH today.  I did not want to think about this, as its become such a horrifying trend, but I guess it bears repeating simply because the subject is so serious.  So please forgive me for being redundant, and also for preaching, but this is something that bears thought by everyone old enough to read and think about it.

"The truth of the matter is that teens emotions are deeper and more extreme than many people are willing to accept, and the vicious partisianship, rhetoric, and rancour being set today in public life by our politicians, pubic figures, and press are contributing to the emotional upheaval that is pushing them to turn on each other, and even themselves, in unspeakably vicious and violent ways.

Today's teens are surrounded by viciousness and violence. From video games to political elections, they are bombarded constantly with the concept that he who can intimidate his foe, get the last word, the last shot, or the last dime, is the winner.

If public figures and parents can't show self restraint and respect for others themselves, how can we expect these overly emotional, vulnerable kids, to not give in to that combination of an overwhelming sense of anger and helplessness that leads them to take desperate actions. Every kid in that school now has to live with the loss of someone they knew, the realization that it can happen to anyone, anytime, and the nagging question of 'did I somehow contribute to this problem?'.

When in reality, its not the kids who caused this problem, its the example the adults have set for them."

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Anonymous said...

So very sad and yet so completely true. As parents we must do the hard job of being parents; establishing boundaries for acceptable behavior, expressing our disapproval and, as best we can, minimizing the exposure to so much of the vitriol that passes as OK in today's world. It is NOT OK! We must model a far better alternative for our children.